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Unipagos gives you the opportunity to accept mobile payments, bills, top ups and more. Register and take the advantage to improve your revenue stream.

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  • No installation costs

    Unipagos is totally free, you only need to download the app in your smartphone and register.

  • Gain a new revenue stream

    Get the best profit for every transaction you do.

  • Less comissions

    Obtain much better comissions when compared to receiving credit or debit cards.

  • Participate in our merchants network

    Everyday we are expanding our affiliated merchants, become a better choice for your clients.

  • Protect your money

    Your cash is safeguarded by the highest security standards.

What can i do with Unipagos?

Payment requests

Charge your clients instantly from your phone to theirs, it is very easy.

Top ups

Compete with established chains and offer digital services with excellent comissions.

Bill payments

Accepting payments from your clients electricity, cable tv or internet was never so convenient.

Send money to a bank account

We connect you to the SPEI system, every Unipagos wallet includes a CLABE account, so you can make transfers to any bank.



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